Southeast Wisconsin doula Martha at Doula Woman post on labor positions.

    Labor positions are often taught in childbirth education classes.  Examples “when baby is posterior go to hands-knees” or to “speed up labor do the miles circuit” or to “decrease back pain lean forward in the shower.”  All of these and many more can be helpful when you are on a timeclock for labor to “progress.”  Especially when you are in hospital and then especially when you have been induced and/or allow cervical exams.  When you labor and birth physiologically there is no need to “learn” these positions as you and your baby and your hormones will dance into just the right positions for your mom-baby unit.
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Milwaukee doula Martha at post on Skip vaginal exams and birth!

Yes, you can give birth without any vaginal exams.  Your baby will come out of you, and into your arms, and you become a mom of a newborn.

Your body can do this.  This is why there are so many people around today.

The idea of knowing cervical dilation as necessary to healthy birth is very new.  Some male doctors put out a curve about normal dilation.  Then, from that birthing women went to accepting a passive role as needing to be cared for and told what to do.

In my doula experience not one clients who agreed to routine vaginal exams  has actually come close the “normal” curve of dilation when birthing.  The exams do sometimes create a mental block and labor slows down.  And, there is a risk of infection which could lead to fetal distress and csection.

Of my clients who birthed free from vaginal exams, they ALL rocked it and birthed a healthy baby who went straight to their mom’s chest.

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Milwaukee Doula Martha at post on free birth.

I  started my on-line course with the Free Birth Society.  At completing   4% of  the course  I already love this!   I found people who see pregnant and birthing people and parents as living breathing animals-not victims of their own bodies and in need of rescuing.

If you consider physiologic pregnancy and birth as options for you, I suggest check this out.

Sincerely, Martha at Doula Woman in Mke, 262-902-8714


Southeast Wisconsin doula Martha at Doula Woman post on csections and doulas.

Yes, doula support is for planned csection births.  Now sometimes called belly birth, this is you giving birth and you can have doula support.

You get physical, emotional and spiritual support as you would with a vaginal birth.  You get guidance to research your options should you like.  For example, a birth plan stating your wishes about delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin, bottle substitutes if hospital protocol demands a supplement, vaccines, etc. is an option.

Most of the time I end up in the O.R. with the birthing person and the partner.  When you are single, your doula can almost allows be allowed in the O.R.

Translation of medical talk is always a big part of my doula support for planned csection clients.

I stay with you in recovery and as long as needed after birth and can help with breastfeeding, keeping your wishes known to staff, and partner support.

Many people only want a csection as a last resort.   Hiring a doula and choosing a “trust women” provider can maximize your chance of a vaginal birth.

Almost all of my clients who had csections had them due to breech presentation following numerous attempts to turn baby.

Breech babies can be birthed vaginally.  The reason for csection breech births is geographic.  In southeast Wi a handful of providers will attend a breech birth if you have birthed vaginally prior to a full-term baby and meet other criteria.  You CAN birth without an attendant or you can travel to a place where there are providers willing to attend most vaginal breech births.

Your options.

Sincerely, Martha at Doula Woman in Milwaukee WI.  262-902-8714.

Doula Milwaukee Martha at Doula Woman post on freebirth.

Free birth means you give birth physiologically.  Your baby is born from your body naturally as with other animals. Your birth is not managed by anyone or anything externally.  You may choose to have a support team or birth alone but you are free from a provider.

As a doula I can attend free births as a support person.  There are  free birth classes available on line for you to prepare, you can look things up on your own, or just go with it at the moment.  Some women choose to have prenatal care for part of their pregnancy and then free birth.  Sincerely, Martha at Doula Woman in Milwaukee Wisc. 262-902-8714.

Doula southeast Wisconsin: Martha at Doula Woman post on What is the best way to_____? Schedule a free consult: 262-902-8714.

As posted prior, I am deep in doula land and my doula work and life in general are interwoven now.  So, with moving toward more “oneness” time comes more reflection time. And this is today’s reflection.

Often clients consider:

  • what is the best way to breast feed?
  • better to feel it all or have an epidural?
  • agree to care provider on everything or say no to some things?
  • free birth or managed birth?
  • (if managed) birth in or out of hospital?
  • lots of family around after birth, or keep it just mom-baby (or mom-baby-partner)?
  • no to immunizations, yes to all, yes to some?

Currently there is so much advise, studies, “best” ways to do things, etc… This can be challenging for many people, especially when pregnancy and parenting are new and when looking within for answers is often discouraged or something not practiced.

So,yes another to consider FROM WHERE IN ME is the answer to “what is the best way to do_____________?”  There are as many best ways as there people.


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Milwaukee Doula Martha at post on Placenta Encapsulation

As a doula offering placenta encapsulation  I offer reduced rates to birth doula clients who choose encapsulation.  Non-doula clients come to me for encapsulation as well.

Placenta encapsulation means your placenta is dehydrated and then put into capsules-similar to large vitamin pills.  You consume your placenta to increase your mood, reduce anxiety, make the most of  your hormones, and sometimes increase milk supply.

I enjoy doing this as it  serves women.  In this way, you move on gradually from your pregnancy and birth.

Sincerely, Martha 262-902-8714 or